International Women's Day - Fashion & Feminism

Fashion is a feminist issue and on International Women’s Day it seems right and proper to think about fashion and feminism.  Are you happy to buy cheap fast fashion at the expense of women? First a bit of history: International Women’s Day started in commemoration of the protests led by female garment workers in New York City. In 1908 on the 8thof March over 15,000 women marched for shorter working hours, increased pay and voting rights. Protests with similar goals have been held already this year, in January in Bangladesh 50,000 women demanded higher wages and walked out of their...

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Launch Day!!

The website is finally live!! After a couple of months of hard work - research, website set up, social media content creation, t-shirt design work, shopify integration, product testing and a photoshoot - sparelove is up and running and so the blogging part can begin.  I'm super excited to be launching the brand with three brilliant young artists, who have produced some super original and funky t-shirt designs!  Alongside running the website I'm also going to be writing a blog about ethical fashion as well as fast fashion, sustainability in general, our artists and new releases as well as the occasional more...

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