Launch Day!!

The website is finally live!! After a couple of months of hard work - research, website set up, social media content creation, t-shirt design work, shopify integration, product testing and a photoshoot - sparelove is up and running and so the blogging part can begin. 

I'm super excited to be launching the brand with three brilliant young artists, who have produced some super original and funky t-shirt designs! 

Alongside running the website I'm also going to be writing a blog about ethical fashion as well as fast fashion, sustainability in general, our artists and new releases as well as the occasional more personal blog. But to start my first ever blogging attempt I'm going to write about how and why I started sparelove. 

I think there are 4 reasons I started sparelove and I'm not sure which is the main one, so in no particular order... 

  1. Charity - Working for a charity has been a goal of mine for a long time, I wanted to do something that has a positive impact on others. But a couple things made me realise that I can have a positive impact by raising money for charity rather than (or hopefully as well as, if I ever get a job) working for a charity. A book I read ages ago called Doing Good Better suggests that you can sometimes have a bigger impact donating money to charity rather than working for charity and a series of talks on business and philanthropy cemented the idea that running a business with the intention of donating to charity can be successful and impactful. Plus donating money to 4 charities per month means I get to support lots of causes I care about. 

  2. Entrepreneurship (or delaying the 9-5 life) - I've always wanted to eventually own my own business/be my own boss but in the last year of university I joined ENACTUS which made me think why can't I do that now. In short, ENACTUS supports students in setting up social enterprises and using entrepreneurial action to make the world a better more sustainable place (btw if you're at uni and reading this I would definitely recommend joining). I wanted to set up my own business and knew that with entrepreneurial action you can make a difference outside of working for a charity. In other words, after uni I didn't want to go straight into a grad job so decided starting a business would allow me to keep a bit of freedom but also get productive and worthwhile stuff done. 

  3. Sustainability - Studying geography at uni sustainability is important to me and I started becoming more and more aware of how unsustainable fast fashion was. Loads of us now care more about using less plastic bottles or straws, taking public transport, eating no or less meat and not wasting food but I think sustainable fashion is (at the moment) less of a mainstream focus in terms of environmental behaviour change. I wanted to make a clothing brand that was sustainable, ethically made and something I would want to wear and could afford to buy. As a student/recent graduate a lot of the sustainable brands out there are very pricey. 

  4. My sister - My little sister is a talented young artist. She's only 17 and I love the stuff she creates. She had been doing a lot of embroidery and I guess that's where the idea came from in terms of putting art of t-shirts. It'd be great if doing this could give young artists like her a platform to display their work, confidence that other people love it not just their family and a bit of income. 

If you have anything at all you want to say/ask/know/recommend just drop me an email or dm me @spare_love_ 


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