December Charities works by building a global grassroots climate movement built around principles of justice, equality and accountability. fosters bottom up activism and brings together communities all over the world. They have harnessed the power of online campaigns and mass movements, creating a global network active in over 188 countries. They believe strongly in the power of ordinary individuals and communities to hold governments and institutions accountable and incite change. The fight against fossil fuels, promote sustainable solutions and put pressure on governments to limit emissions. For us, it is important that gives young people all over the world the opportunity and resources to unite, both locally and globally to take collective action against climate change through campaigns such as the divestment movement. Believing in the power of ordinary and young people is at the core of and this is naturally something we want to echo and support. You can read more about here and even take part in a local campaign.

Wildlife Conservation Network 

Founded in 2002, Wildlife Conservation Network is dedicated to protecting endangered species and preserving their natural habitats. The charity has a unique and effective approach, which really appealed to us. WCN supports independent entrepreneurial conservationists who protect endangered wildlife and habitats all over the world. The charity provides conservationists with capital and tools that enabled them to implement innovative strategies aimed at helping people and wildlife co-exist and thrive. WCN's conservationists actively engage local people as effective stewards of their environment and work in a culturally respectful manner. The collaborative, forward thinking and entrepreneurial approach is something we love, so we’re going to give this charity some of our spare love. Read more about the Wildlife Conservation Network here. 

Against Malaria Foundation

Against Malaria Foundation fights malaria by funding and distributing insecticide treated mosquito nets. Half a million people die every year whilst 400 million people fall ill and 90% of those affected are under 5. Malaria is completely preventable and providing a net simply saves lives. Because of this the Against Malaria Foundation is recommended by many of those looking into effective altruism, including GiveWell and The Life You Can Save, as it has a proven track record and is highly cost effective in terms of saving lives. 100% of public donations buy nets. It costs less than £2 for a net so hopefully we can save a few lives this month. Read more about the Against Malaria Foundation here.


Mind is a UK based charity that provides advice and support for anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They provide online information, a confidential helpline that can save lives and local support groups across the country. The charity also critically campaigns to improve services and public understanding surrounding mental health issues. Mental health problems are increasing, especially among young people; 1 in 8 under the age of 19 have a mental health problem in England and three quarters of mental health problems are established by the age of 24. Mental health is often personal and important issue for young people across the country so I feel it completely fits for us to support this charity. Read more about Mind here.