Ethics & Sustainability

Style can be sustainable 

We understand fashion can be an environmentally damaging and unethical industry but the desire for style is not going anywhere. We are a brand committed to addressing this problem through providing sustainable, eco-friendly, ethical and fashionable clothing.

Our focus is showing, t-shirt by t-shirt, that fashion doesn't need to have a negative impact. We have carefully selected our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure our clothing is produced without causing harm to our planet and it's inhabitants, including plants, animals and people.  

Sparelove clothing

We print exclusively on t-shirts that are organic, ethical and climate neutral.

All t-shirts are certified by the Soil Association and the Global Organic Textile Standard to be 100% organic cotton. The organic cotton is farmed using low impact methods, all cotton is planted and harvested by hand. Without mechanization the process is less reliant on fossil fuels and does not use chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. The t-shirts are then made in carbon neutral manufacturing facilities. Wind turbines provide the primary source of energy allowing clean renewable electricity to take the place of dirty fossil fuel power. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint by 90% and ensures that the clothing produced is climate neutral. The cotton used in the t-shirts has a reduced water footprint by working in regions that receive monsoon rain to reduce the need for large-scale irrigation. Processing of the dye effluent takes place in a controlled closed- loop purification system that uses treatment ponds, sand filtration and reverse osmosis to convert the wastewater into clean water. All apparel is transported by containerised ocean shipping rather than by airfreight. Our apparel is certified by the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard, Class I. This guarantees the safety of textiles and dye. The t-shirt production processes are audited by the Fair Wear Foundation which promotes fair labour conditions in the global clothing industry. All clothing is produced without the use of child labour or forced labour and without employee discrimination or excessive working hours. Our clothing is produced in safe and healthy working conditions, using legal labour contracts, paying employees a living wage and providing freedom of association and the right to collection bargaining.


Sparelove Packaging

All of our t-shirts are sent out to customers in plastic free packaging!!