How long will my shipping take?

On average shipping should take 7-10 working days. We are just starting out and print every t-shirt to order meaning it might take a little longer to get to you. 


What are you international shipping costs?

As a UK based company (all our printing is done in the UK) the cost to ship internationally is higher. We charge £5 for a lightweight parcel and £10 for a heavyweight parcel. If you want to oder more than 6 t-shirts please consider placing two orders as this will reduce the cost of postage for you and us, super heavyweight orders need to be sent by international courier which is very expensive. 


Why don’t you offer free returns?

We are a small company and at this time financially cannot afford to offer free returns. If you are unhappy with your order please drop us an email explaining why and we will arrange for you to send back your t-shirt in exchange for a refund, you will just have to pay postage! However, if there has been a mistake with your order or a printing quality issue with the clothing we will definitely reimburse the cost of return. If this is the case we apologise and please do contact us directly providing photographic evidence so we can address this issue quickly.


What charities do you support?

The charities we support are subject to change every month. Please visit our charities page here to read about the four charities we are supporting this month.


How do you pick your charities?

We pick four charities to support each month. We try to have a good mix of charities so you can choose from a variety of causes. Often we will pick two charities to do with protecting the planet and two charities to do with helping people. We research into what the charities are doing and their histories to ensure we are supporting effective and worthwhile charities. If you have any suggestions for charities you think we should support please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!


How much do you donate to these charities?

We donate 10% of our revenue to one of our partner charities. So if you've paid £24 for your tee, £2.40 of that will go to charity. We decided to donate a percentage of our revenue to ensure complete transparency, just so we know and you know just how much money is going to charity. Each month we release a newsletter detailing (among other things) how much money we have donated to charity. You can subscribe to our newsletter below. 


Can anyone be one of your artists that design SpareLove clothing?

We only support young aspiring artists but after meeting this criteria then yes in theory we are open to accepting work from any artists. However like any art collection it is carefully collated and chosen so not all artists or designs will be suitable. If you are a young artist or if you know a young artist that would like to be involved then please get in touch. We are always looking to expand our collection and help support more aspiring artists.