Sparelovecircle launching soon!! 

We want to create a circular spare love economy.


The fast fashion industry has created a culture where wearing and re-wearing your clothes is unfashionable. Fashion has moved away from seasonally based collections (i.e 4 per year) to a model based on the continuous release of new on trend collections. As a result the clothes we've literally just bought and worn become out of fashion so quickly. We buy 60% more apparel than we did 16 years ago, yet keep clothes for half as long. Women on average wear a garment 7 times before throwing it away. This culture of throwaway fashion is damaging our environment on a huge scale, using up earth's resources, releasing tonnes of CO2 and generating a bunch of clothing waste. There are campaigns to increase the amount of times we wear our clothing, which is brilliant, but we don't think it's enough. The engrained culture of wanting to wear something that looks new isn't going anywhere anytime soon.


We want to work within this culture to create a system that allows you to wear something that (looks) new, but without the guilt that comes with buying new clothes and supporting fast fashion. So the solution is to create a circular economy. We aim to facilitate and reward the reuse of our clothing. Creating a circular economy where someone else can enjoy your old T-Shirt after you don't wanna wear it anymore. 



It's simple-ish. You buy a T-Shirt from us. You wear it a few times and show off our talented young artists. Ideally you keep wearing it, but if you start thinking something along the lines of everyone's already seen this T-Shirt, then get in contact with us. Package up your T-Shirt (provided it's in good condition) and send it back to us. We will give you your own discount code to use on your next purchase, something like 40% off allows us to break even but still support the charities and young artists. You buy another artist's T-Shirt at basically cost price and then repeat. Meanwhile we will be selling these sparelove T-Shirts, so they get some secondlove from someone new. T-Shirts will be carefully quality controlled, washed and then sold at half price. 


It will be soon!! This is a completely new clothing brand so if you've bought something from us then it'll still be part of your new wardrobe. We aim to start the circular economy aspect a few months after the launch of sparelove. Gives you time to wear and love the T-Shirt before you pass it on and get a new one.