As a business we aim to support talented young artists by offering them a platform to display their work and paying them for every t-shirt we sell with their artwork on.  

Our Talented Artists 


Orla is my little sister and her artwork is what inspired me to start a clothing brand that showcases young artists and their work. 
Orla is 17 years old and currently at school in SE London. She wants to go on to study a foundation in art and isn't that sure after that.  You can find some of Orla's artwork on instagram @orlabart if you're interested.
What Orla says...
"I started out doing more traditional fine art based pieces but I've become more interested in textiles and installation and trying to approach life drawing in particular in a more in terms of shapes, patterns and planes rather than in terms of lines and shading. I prefer making to thinking about making or conceptualising my ideas so I often end up working and reworking images until I feel as though it could lead to something more substantial, which means most of my work is an exploration of shape and form." 
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Ella is a very talented 23 year old artists from SW London. She is studying environmental science and art at university in the US.

What Ella says
"I didn’t do art from the age of 14 to 22 as I was told in school that only those who were traditionally “good” at drawing/painting could do it. But really I think anyone can make art. I don’t really believe in such a thing as 'bad art' which I was made to think growing up and is why I gave it up. Even though I am minoring in studio art at university, it’s really just a hobby and a time for me to relieve stress. Taking classes in the art department makes me think in a different way to my other classes, mainly natural sciences, which I think is refreshing in such a cut-throat academic environment." 

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Flo is a Fine Art and History of Art student at the University of Leeds and is based in SE London and Leeds. Her artwork ranges from digital drawing to photography to creative poetry. You can see more of this on her Instagram @justgowiththefloah.

What Flo says:
"With my digital drawings I aim to distil forms down to their key lines, colours and shapes. It’s centred around finding the balance between reduction and recognition, so my work is crisp and graphic but also captures the essence of the subject. It’s a discipline which makes you evaluate before 'taking a line for a walk'.
Contrastingly, in my photographic work I enjoy concealing the subject; subverting the familiar to make it strange and extraordinary. Images of mould, flaking paint and everyday detritus are manipulated to beyond recognition; creating intricate and visual patterns."

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Leda was born and raised in Italy, where she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino. She then moved to Scotland at 23 to study at the Glasgow School of Art for a Master's, where she is putting to use her skills as a designer to support the local climate strikes as soon as they started.
What Leda says:
"I love telling stories. Getting a message through. Depending on the message, the best way to do so could be taking a picture, or designing a manifesto, or drawing some animals. Everything I do comes from what I believe in: I might work as a designer, but firstly I'm a citizen of this world. I'm a lover of this planet. I'm a sister, a daughter, a book lover. I actively look for work that lets me create content about the things I'm passionate about. If I had a good voice, I'd write songs on fighting extinction. But I happen to be a designer. So I do my best with what I have."

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Holly is 23 years old and has just finished studying graphic communication design at Central Saint Martins. You can checkout her instagram @hollyshearn 

What Holly says:

"Ever since I first began my degree at CSM, the university has been my main source of inspiration. Being surrounded by so many creative people who have no boundaries when it comes to the way they dress, behave and of course the work they produce made me realise that being a creative has no limits. When it comes to illustration, Londoners are simply my influence, and a lot of my drawings come from everyday situations - portrayed in my own style of course."
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